Where to Buy Books except Amazon

Hey there, fellow book enthusiasts! Let's have a laugh as we uncover why Amazon might not be the best choice for buying books. Brace yourselves: Amazon's treatment of its workers is more of a rollercoaster ride than a trip to Disneyland. And if that doesn't make you cringe, picture this: Amazon as the Godzilla of the book world, stomping on independent bookstores like it's a game of whack-a-mole. So, why not be a hero and support local bookshops and quirky online platforms instead? They'll shower you with bookish knowledge, treat you like royalty, and won't ask you to join a cult. Ready to don your cape and save the day with your bookish choices? Let's go!


I vividly recall my first visit to a BAM years ago when I went to see my family. It was a truly invigorating experience, reminiscent of a refreshing breeze. The way the books were meticulously organized, the plethora of options to choose from, and the incredible deals I stumbled upon instantly won me over. As a result, I may have gone slightly overboard and ended up bringing back an excess of books. However, there is no denying that BAM is the ultimate destination to find exactly what you're seeking, all at an unbeatable price. 

Recommendations from Books-A-Million

Ruthless Vows (Autographed)


Inheritance Games Box Set

$23.80 SALE 30% off

House of Flame and Shadow (BAM Exclusive)


Wildfire (Autographed)


Sword Catcher      (BAM Exclusive)


Blade of Secrets

$6.97 SALE 63% off


Bookshop.org proudly stands as a global platform, empowering independent bookstores around the world. By simply visiting their website, you have the delightful opportunity to select and uplift your very own beloved local bookstore. Best of all, with each purchase you make, a generous percentage is directly contributed to their incredible journey! In the relentless battle against gargantuan retail giants, Bookshop.org emerges as a true champion, wholeheartedly devoted to the thriving existence of indie bookstores. 

Recommendations from Bookshop.org

Last Violent Call


Of Cages and Crowns


The Priory of the Orange Tree


Of Feathers and Thorns


Fourth Wing




Better World Books

Support Literacy, Preserve the Environment, and Obtain Books at a Fair Price. Better World Books is the top choice for socially conscious consumers who prioritize these important causes. With a wide selection of books and a mission to improve the world, it's the perfect bookstore for the conscious consumer. 

Recommendations from Better World Books

The Warrior Heir

$5.14 (Used Good)

Assistant to the Villain




Chosen Ones

$5.26 (Used Good)

The Infernal Devices Box Set


Divine Rivals


In conclusion, dear readers, it is time to steer our book-buying compass away from Amazon and towards the independent bookstores and unique online platforms that deserve our support. By doing so, we become the heroes of the literary world, protecting the sanctity of reading and books. Let us embrace the personal touch, the expertise, and the sense of community that only these smaller outlets can provide. Step away from the Amazonian grip and embark on an adventure where your bookish choices truly make a difference. So don your cape, fellow book enthusiasts, and together, let's save the day, one page at a time. Happy reading! 

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