Fourth Wing Review

Fourth Wing is the first in a new NA series from author Rebecca Yarros. Fly high at Basgiath War College where you will either bond with a dragon or die. There's not really any in-between. Violet Sorrengail never wanted to be a dragon rider. She wanted to follow in the scribe footsteps of her father. But when Violet's mother - the commanding general - orders her to attend dragon school she has no choice but to comply.

I loved this novel!! Okay, I say that a lot. But seriously?!? I think Fourth Wing is probably my favorite book I've read in 2023 and rivals my favorites of all time. How can you just not love dragon school where the stakes are bonding with a dragon or death?

This book does not pull any punches and forces the reader right into the action. The stakes are clear from the very first pages.

I also loved the representation in this novel! It was eye opening and inspiring to see Violet at the forefront of this story dealing with her disability every day. Let's just say "fragile" bones don't stop this girl and I loved it!

The slow burn enemies to lovers romance of this novel was also everything and I believed it was done very well. I was always aching for more of the main couple!

The world building and magic system in this novel were also top tier. The world building itself takes a while but it's also integral to the plot when you learn about certain aspects of the world. I also thought the magic that humans received from their dragons was such a cool concept!

Overall, I recommend Fourth Wing to literally anyone and everyone who loves fantasy novels. This is to be sure a favorite read!

Thank you to Red Tower Books for an arc of this novel. All thoughts and opinions contained within this review are my own. 

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