Completed Fantasy Series that are Amazing

Seventeen-year-old Kiva, a healer in the deadly prison Zalindov, must keep the Rebel Queen alive through perilous elemental Trials, risking her own life. A coded message from her family compels her to save the queen, leading Kiva to volunteer for the Trials, where survival is unprecedented. Amidst a prison rebellion and a spreading plague, Kiva faces the daunting realization that her challenges are far from over. The Prison Healer is a trilogy of three books. 

Meghan Chase, on the brink of her sixteenth birthday, doubts the fairy-tale narrative surrounding her life. When her father and brother vanish, she discovers her true heritage as a faery king's daughter, thrusting her into a perilous conflict where love and courage are tested against a sinister foe. Alongside a prince with uncertain feelings, Meghan navigates a world where danger lurks at every turn. The Iron Fey is a series of four books and two sequel series. 

Mysterious black handprints emerge worldwide, marking the arrival of winged strangers from another realm. In Prague, amidst a shortage of human teeth in a peculiar shop, a young art student named Karou becomes entangled in a supernatural conflict. With a penchant for sketching fantastical creatures and a life filled with enigmatic errands, Karou's identity becomes a haunting question as she encounters the captivating Akiva, sparking a love entwined with secrets and a tumultuous history that threatens her very existence. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a completed trilogy.

According to his roommate Baz, Simon Snow is the most inept Chosen One ever chosen, despite Baz's dubious credentials as a vampire. Simon struggles with his wand and sets things on fire, while his mentor avoids him, his girlfriend leaves him, and a magic-consuming creature impersonates him. As Simon faces his final year at Watford School of Magicks without his nemesis Baz, Carry On intertwines elements of ghost stories, romance, and mystery, featuring an abundance of both affectionate moments and supernatural perils. Carry On is a trilogy but fans can also read Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl to learn about the roots of Simon Snow. 

Upon entering the academy, Grace's entire world underwent a profound transformation. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was fundamentally wrong about the place and its inhabitants, as she navigated being a mere mortal surrounded by what seemed like gods or monsters. Struggling to align herself with any of the warring factions and facing the collective hostility of her peers, Grace grappled with questions of belonging. Amidst this turmoil, she found herself drawn to Jaxon Vega, a vampire with centuries-old secrets and emotional detachment, sensing a connection between their shared brokenness. However, as they became entangled in a plot to awaken a dormant menace within Jaxon, Grace began to question whether her presence at the academy was orchestrated as bait for a deadly scheme. Crave is a completed series of six books with more books related to the world coming soon from Tracy Wolff: Sweet Nightmare and Sweet Chaos

Princess Cleo of Mytica faces the harsh reality of violence following a shocking murder, compelling her to fight for her place as Queen in a kingdom on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile, the King of Limeros's son, Magnus, maneuvers with cunning to earn his father's trust, while his sister Lucia uncovers a life-altering secret about her ancestry. In a parallel struggle, rebellious Jonas emerges as the leader of a long-awaited revolution, as these four individuals collide amidst a power struggle and the resurgence of elementia, a magic potent enough to shape kingdoms and destinies. Falling Kingdoms is a completed series with six books. 

Scarlett, confined to her island home by her controlling father, believes her chance to experience the magical Caraval is lost when she faces an arranged marriage. However, when the coveted invitation finally arrives, Scarlett's sister Tella helps her escape to attend, only for Tella to be kidnapped upon arrival. Now, Scarlett must navigate the mysterious game of Caraval to find her sister before the performance ends and Tella vanishes forever, unsure if the events unfolding are part of the elaborate show or reality. The Caraval trilogy continues in Spectacular, a Holiday Novella Collection coming soon. 

Since childhood, Evangeline Fox has cherished beliefs in love and happy endings until discovering the love of her life will wed another. Desperate to halt the wedding and mend her broken heart, she strikes a deal with the charming yet sinister Prince of Hearts, agreeing to three kisses in exchange for his assistance. However, as she fulfills her end of the bargain, Evangeline realizes bargaining with an immortal comes with perilous consequences, as the Prince of Hearts harbors ambitions for her that could lead to either a sublime happily ever after or a devastating tragedy. Once Upon a Broken Heart is a completed trilogy set within the Caraval World. 

Princess Lia defies tradition by fleeing on her wedding day, taking ancient documents from the Chancellor's collection as she escapes. Pursued by bounty hunters sent by her father, Lia seeks refuge in a distant village, where she encounters two enigmatic strangers, unaware that one is the spurned prince and the other an assassin targeting her. As Lia navigates deceit and romance, she teeters on the edge of unraveling dangerous secrets that could alter her world forever. The Remnant Chronicles is a completed trilogy with companion novel Morrighan and squeal duology Dance of Thieves

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