10 Fantasy Books to Read 

These 10 captivating Fantasy books are truly exceptional and chances are, you may not have discovered a gem or two from this list before! Consider shipping these links to the books on Bookshop.com and support local bookstores!

Tana's life has been predetermined since birth: she is destined to marry the governor's son and form an alliance between her island's witches and the mainlanders who see her existence as a threat. Despite her coven's attempts to appease the fearful by releasing their magic into the ocean, Tana makes a fatal mistake and is left with no one to turn to until she meets Wolfe, who practices dark magic and offers to help her. As the sea becomes more dangerous, Tana must make a choice between love and duty, risking everything to follow her heart and hold onto her newfound power. 

Introducing The Sunbearer Trials, a thrilling fantasy adventure set in Mexico, where young demigods vie for the chance to save the world. Selected by the Sun, ten powerful and honorable demigods compete in a series of challenges to replenish its power. Teo, a seventeen-year-old Jade demigod and son of a goddess, finds himself unexpectedly chosen alongside Xio, a child of bad luck, to face Gold opponents and their ex-best friend, Aurelio, in a battle for fame, glory, and their lives. 

Robyn Schneider delivers a fresh twist on the Arthurian legend, transforming Camelot into a popular destination for teen rom-coms. Camelot is now the home of a melancholy botanist prince, a demoted Lancelot, and a disguised Emry Merlin, facing the challenges of a scheming court. Amidst scandal and deception, Emry, posing as a male wizard, navigates her attraction to the prince, clashes with Lord Gawain, and vexes Princess Guinevere. However, when the truth emerges and threatens dire consequences, Emry must choose between love and her potential as Camelot's most powerful wizard. 

Kieren Belltower, a young man with dangerous magic, is called upon to join the Magic Service and learn from a senior apprentice named Esten. However, their teacher has gone missing, leaving Esten with the task of guiding Kieren. Together, they embark on a mission to investigate illegal magic use and its connection to a devastating phenomenon called the sludge, unraveling a dangerous plot along the way that puts their lives and everything they know in jeopardy. Set in an alternative 1900s America, the LGBTQ+ historical fantasy novel Of Feathers and Thorns will appeal to fans of Carry On and A Marvelous Light. 

For the past decade, Kiva Meridan, a seventeen-year-old, has fought for her life in the infamous death prison known as Zalindov. Utilizing her skills as the prison's healer, she finds herself entrusted with the task of keeping the Rebel Queen alive, even as the woman's time grows short and the Trial by Ordeal approaches. When Kiva receives a message from her family instructing her to save the queen at all costs, she risks everything to take her place in the deadly Trials, unsure of whether she or the queen will survive. As she navigates an incurable disease spreading through the prison, a captivating new inmate, and the growing rebellion, Kiva realizes that her trials have just begun. 

Edison Rooker is uncertain about what awaits him in the office of Antonia Hex, a powerful sorceress who manages a call center for magical emergencies. Despite lacking magical abilities or knowledge of spells and curses, Rook is determined to regain his connection to the magical world he lost after his grandmother's death. Antonia, although intimidating, offers him a job and a new identity as Rook, which he gladly accepts. In order to protect his illegal magical detection device, Rook must keep it hidden from the Magical Consortium and navigate his growing friendship with Sun, the apprentice of Antonia's rival colleague, Fable. However, when the Consortium discovers Rook's device, they target Antonia, forcing Rook to turn to Sun for help. With both mentors in danger, Rook and Sun must unite to rescue them and preserve their own magic before it's too late. 

Seelie Graygrove is an autistic changeling who bears a striking resemblance to her twin sister, Isolde. Despite her differences and unpredictable magic, Seelie embarks on a quest for a legendary treasure, along with her sister. Along the way, they encounter unforeseen allies and uncover a mystery that dates back to the intertwined history of humans and fae. As they delve deeper, the sisters realize that the secrets of the faeries hold more value than mere material riches, but Seelie must learn to control her magic swiftly to safeguard herself and her sister. 

In a society where the abilities of the gods are passed down to their children, a descendant of the Greek Fates is faced with solving a series of unsolvable murders to protect her sisters, her soulmate, and her city. The Ora sisters, following in their Fate-born roles, work together as a team in the sunken city of Alante. However, when Io, the youngest sister, uncovers a disturbing pattern of abductions and murders, she must work alongside Edei Rhuna, her destined soulmate, and delve into the city's darkest secrets to uncover a dangerous conspiracy that could bring destruction to their doorstep. 

The Solaris Empire is on the brink of uniting the whole continent, and Vhalla Yarl, a seventeen-year-old apprentice at the library, possesses a rare dormant elemental magic that could highly impact the ongoing war. Despite being taught to fear the enigmatic Tower of Sorcerers and content in her bookish life, Vhalla's world changes when she unknowingly saves the life of the immensely powerful Crown Prince Aldrik, drawing her into his realm. Now faced with a difficult choice, she must either embrace her sorcery and abandon her familiar life or suppress her magical abilities and remain unchanged, knowing that the repercussions of her indecisiveness could be far greater than she ever anticipated with dark influential forces lurking in the background. 

Wren Greenrock has always planned to take her sister's throne and seek vengeance for her parents' death, even if it means sacrificing her feelings for a charming guard and dealing with the trouble caused by her uncontrollable magic. Princess Rose Valhart, on the other hand, finds herself kidnapped by a handsome captor but soon realizes that life outside the palace is far more enchanting than she expected and that the witches she fears might actually be her true family. As both sisters fight for their rightful crown, an old enemy emerges to ensure neither will succeed, leaving the question of who will ultimately claim power and wear the coveted crown. 

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