Books to Get Kids Into Reading

Dive into this captivating selection of Middle Grade book recommendations, guaranteed to enthrall any middle grade reader and ignite their passion for reading.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson faces another potential expulsion from boarding school and is burdened by a series of far more significant challenges. Legendary creatures and gods from Greek mythology become a startling reality in his life, while he also ends up on their bad side. Accused of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt, Percy and his friends must find it within ten days to restore harmony to Mount Olympus. However, his quest involves not only finding the true thief but also confronting his absentee father, deciphering an ominous prophecy of betrayal, and uncovering a danger that surpasses even the gods themselves. 

Warrior Cats

Start an epic journey into a thrilling new world filled with adventure and warrior cats. Discover the book that has captivated readers and taken the throne as a bestseller, joining the legion of dedicated fans of Erin Hunter's Warriors series. Witness the danger lurking in the forest as the warrior code is threatened by a sinister ShadowClan, and join noble warriors in their fight, where even an ordinary housecat named Rusty might prove to be the bravest hero of them all. 

Wings of Fire 

A groundbreaking new middle-grade fantasy series rises above its competitors, completely reshaping the genre for a modern audience! The relentless war between the seven dragon tribes, fiercely battling over a long-lost treasure, is challenged by a covert group known as Talons of Peace. Determined to end the conflict, they recruit five dragonets raised in secrecy and against their will, to fulfill a prophecy requiring immense sacrifice. However, not every dragonet desires a predetermined fate, and their escape from captivity leads to unexpected consequences that surpass the intentions of the revolutionary planners. 

The School for Good and Evil

Sophie and Agatha, best friends, uncover the School for Good and Evil, a place where ordinary children are trained to become fairy-tale heroes and villains. Due to a twist of fate, Sophie ends up in the School for Evil while Agatha is placed in the School for Good. This unexpected turn may hold the key to discovering their true identities. 

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has never experienced the thrill of playing Quidditch, casting spells, or encountering magical creatures. Instead, he endures a miserable existence living with his cruel relatives. He lives in a tiny closet, neglected and forgotten. However, everything is about to change when he receives a mysterious letter inviting him to a remarkable and unforgettable place. 

The Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia, a hidden realm trapped in perpetual winter, awaits its liberation from the clutches of the White Witch. Initially skeptical of Lucy's fantastical tales, her siblings become curious and enter the enchanted world through the wardrobe. Determined to break the Witch's curse, they unite with the majestic Lion Aslan and courageously embark on a perilous quest to restore Narnia's freedom. 

Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie, the eldest of three daughters, finds herself cursed by the Witch of the Waste and transformed into an old lady. The only hope she has to break the spell is to reach the moving castle of the Wizard Howl. Along her journey, Sophie must navigate complex relationships, face the Witch of the Waste, and discover the true nature of herself and Howl. In a world where nothing is as it seems, Sophie's fate and the puzzle surrounding Howl's spell intertwine in a captivating fantasy. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Numerous youngsters respond to a peculiar advertisement in the newspaper and are then subjected to a series of perplexing examinations, which readers partake in as well. Out of the many children, only two boys and two girls manage to succeed, and they are now faced with a challenge that requires the utmost intelligence and inventiveness. In order to accomplish their mission, they must assume false identities at a secretive educational institution, where rules do not apply, and the school's underground tunnels hold more than just typical supplies. If you possess exceptional abilities, imaginative thinking, or knowledge of Morse Code, your assistance could be invaluable to them.

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl, a 12-year-old prodigy, stumbles upon an underground society of technologically advanced fairies. In an attempt to regain his family's wealth, he abducts Holly Short, one of the fairies, for a hefty ransom. However, Artemis soon realizes that he has underestimated the incredible powers possessed by the fairies and may have unintentionally ignited a conflict between different species. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Introducing a dark comedy that combines literary brilliance and irreverent humor, this tale follows three likable yet unfortunate children, reminiscent of Dickens or Dahl. With their intelligence, charm, and pleasant looks, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire seem to have it all. However, their extraordinary misfortune unfolds as they face a repugnant villain, uncomfortable clothing, a devastating fire, a scheming plot, an uncomfortable bed, a deadly snake, a menacing lamp, a sharp knife, and an unbearable stench within just the first two books. 

Anne of Green Gables

Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are surprised when instead of an orphan boy, a spirited, red-haired girl named Anne Shirley arrives at their farm. Anne's charm and imagination quickly win the Cuthberts' affection, and she becomes an integral part of their lives. As Anne brings joy and creativity to Avonlea, it becomes clear that she is not just a temporary presence, but a cherished member of the community. 

Keeper of the Lost Cities

In this captivating series debut, a young girl with telepathic abilities must uncover the reason behind her importance in a new world, all while trying to evade those who wish to use her powers for their own gain. Sophie, a twelve-year-old telepath, has always felt like an outsider, struggling to fit in with her age group and even her own family. However, her perception changes when she meets Fitz, another telepath, who reveals a startling truth about her identity and forces her to abandon her old life for a dangerous new one. As Sophie races against the clock, she must confront her hidden memories and unravel the mystery surrounding her existence before it's too late. 

The Golden Compass

Lyra is on a hurried journey to the icy North, where witch clans and powerful bears hold sway and the Gobblers snatch children, including her friend Roger. The North is also where her fearsome uncle Asriel is attempting to construct a gateway to another world. Can one young girl truly have an impact in such monumental and treacherous undertakings? This is Lyra, a cunning and deceitful protagonist, as determined and loyal to her cause as Roger and Asriel could hope for. Yet, unbeknownst to Lyra, aiding one might mean betraying the other.

Because of Winn-Dixie

On a sunny summer day, ten-year-old India Opal Buloni goes to the nearby supermarket to buy groceries but unexpectedly returns with a special dog named Winn-Dixie. This extraordinary dog plays a vital role in helping Opal form new friendships and build the courage to confront her father about her long-lost mother who left when she was only three years old. Opal acknowledges that practically every significant event that occurs during that summer is somehow connected to the presence of Winn-Dixie. 


Unlike most kids, Callum Hunt does not want to pass the Iron Trial and get admitted into the Magisterium. His father has always warned him to stay away from magic and Call is convinced that joining the Magisterium will bring him trouble. Despite his efforts to fail the test, he ends up succeeding and is now faced with a thrilling and dangerous journey into the unknown world of magic. 

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