Four Found Dead Review

Four Found Dead by Natalie D. Richards tells the tale about a chilling and horrifying night between seven movie theater coworkers closing up after the last show, ever. They were supposed to go out for IHOP one last time and then move on with their lives but what happens when the lights go out and the door locks? Trapped in a movie theater and defunct old mall with a killer, do Jo and her coworkers have what it takes to survive?

I don't typically reach for thrillers but I really wanted to read this one if nothing more than I used to work in a movie theater! I also thought the no-escape premise sounded intriguing.

I thought that Four Found Dead was a heart-racing read! I definitely wanted to keep reading it and not put it down until I finished. While there's no mystery in who the killer is, it is a mystery to figure out who's going to survive the night. The author also included journal entries and other bonuses between the chapters that added to the story as a whole.

I'd definitely recommend those who love YA thrillers to check out Four Found Dead! Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for a gifted copy of this novel! All thoughts and opinions contained within this review are my own. 

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