The Shadow Sister Review

The Shadow Sister by Lily Meade

The Shadow Sister by Lily Meade is a twisted tale about two sisters where one goes missing. A mystery unfolds when the sister returns with no recollection of her life or the time she was missing. This book explores the relationship between the two sisters and the mystery of the sister's return.

I really liked this book! It was a bit different from books I normally read so I was excited to step into something new. I thought the premise of the book was really intriguing!

I liked how the book flipped between point of views and time frames to give a well-rounded view of the story to the reader. It also showed how each sister understood situations that happened to them and the bias and miscommunication that happens between. It makes the reader feel for each sister and makes them feel unsure who's really in the wrong, if either of them are.

I'd recommend The Shadow Sister to anyone who wants to read a dark, mysterious novel about sisterhood.

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