How To Read More Books

In 2022, I devoured 182 books. And this year, I've already read 161. Want to know my secret to reading so many books? Here it is. 

Near the end of 2021 I had the joy of experiencing audiobooks for the first time. Suddenly an entire new world opened up to me. I was able to read books while working, doing the dishes, driving, the possibilities were endless. I was able to devour story after story in a completely new way and it opened but my eyes to so many books I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Audiobooks are a wonderful media as they allow you to physically hear the characters' voices in your head as you read. 

GraphicAudio - Full Cast Audiobooks

What's even better than an audiobook playing in your ears? A full-on cinematic movie. GraphicAudio uses full casts with cinematic music and sound effects to create truly one of a kind works of art. You just have to hear your favorite novels in their GraphicAudio rendition. 

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My Recommendations from GraphicAudio:

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